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Where to Eat and Drink in Jersey

Jersey is packed with great restaurants, pubs and cafes – with a smattering of some renowned restaurants including one that’s been consistently ranked as one of the best in the UK (Bohemia in St Helier)

In the few days we were there we had some great food, but there’s a huge list of things we didn’t get around to – so we thought we’d put together the list of where was either particularly good for us, or highly recommended by multiple individuals.

On a side note – we noticed that many restaurants in Jersey run a sort of, pan-world menu with Oriental, Italian, French and American dishes all appearing on one menu at once. Largely, portions are bigger than you’d expect and while generously sized, also tend to be more expensive (though still reasonable). For those from London this will be an unusual experience, as we’re more accustomed to focussed cuisines with small plates etc. Just a heads up as we spent a while looking for places where we could do just that, but seemed almost impossible in the end!

La Mare Wine Estate

The cafe at La Mare was brilliant, great quality food and drink - with of course their own wine and drinks at great value! We had a great lunch and afternoon tea here sandwiching a tour of the estate, and would thoroughly recommend it. Definitely try the scones with the local "black butter" - a black jam that's made out of apples, raisins and lots of spices!

Jersey Crab Shack

A chain seafood restaurant that served up a fantastic platter of simply cooked seafood – and all at a very reasonable price. Expect a fairly varied menu that encompasses lots of different cuisines, but all with a focus on seafood. Big shout out for the seafood platter, the crab doughnut, and the milkshakes!


Formerly known as Ormer, it’s been renovated and rebranded now as Samphire. We didn’t manage to come down here as we were strapped for time, but they now offer an all day dining menu and breakfast which looked like one of the better options in St Helier! This is top of the list to visit next time we go back

Lazin Lizard

A South African inspired restaurant that’s topping the lists for restaurants in Jersey at the moment – we didn’t get a chance to go but was recommended to us by a good foodie friend (Wolf Down Blog) who’s also from Jersey herself! Portions look generous and prices low – definitely worth considering!


In Gorey near the castle there’s a few restaurants you can grab lunch – Sea Scale was one of the few that had an outdoor section (albeit rather small), and I was surprised to see that Portugese food featured on the menu quite heavily. Come here for the polenta bites ALONE they were that good, not even considering the meat skewers they serve in a traditional hanging style! Lovely place for a lunch before venturing into the castle.

The Works Cafe

This cute little cafe is situated near Mont Orgeuil in Gorey, and was a brilliant little shop to grab some coffee and load up on a few snacks. A great alternative to consider if you're not feeling keen for a full meal at Seascale!

Hungryman Shack

Somewhat of a legendary Jersey restaurant – Hungryman is one we didn’t manage to get to as we didn’t have a car. Despite that it’s supposedly worth the morning journey to, to take in the views and to take advantage of the famously well cooked and cheap food.

Bohemia Restaurant

One of Jersey’s most premier restaurants, it’s been ranked 11th in the UK’s top restaurants and holds one Michelin star. We came here on our own steam wanting a special meal and opted for the full tasting menu (no wine). What came was a mixed bag for the following reasons: not every dish was particularly great though there were some stonkingly good dishes (including the amuse bouche). Service was polite and nice, but one girl basically coughed into our wine which was less than pleasant. And overall it took over 3.5 hours for us to eat our meal, and the waiter admitted it was supposed to take 2.5 to 3 – but didn’t even apologise for the lengthy wait or look to make amends. Was it worth it and a good meal? Yes, I think it was. Would I count it as one of the UK’s top 50 restaurants? Afraid not. Even taking just the cooking by itself, while some dishes were great and showcased fantastic produce and technique, they were largely a bit underwhelming (especially the vegetarian which in some cases was a little lazy). Still, £79 for 7 courses that was definitely filling and mostly delicious didn’t leave us feeling like we’d overpaid – though maybe one for a special occasion!

Project 52 – Cocktail Bar

This was a great little cocktail bar hidden away down a street. Follow the map, and yes it is there. You’ll be able to see it because of the buzzer, which doesn’t say anything – merely has a buzzer sign. Press it and head in for some great cocktails (the best we had on the island), a relaxed atmosphere and some interesting gins!

Bean Around the World – Coffee Shop

Jersey isn’t lacking in coffee shops, and we only managed a few but this was a great one – with some nice sounding/looking food and fantastic looking cakes. A great place to stop in at any time of the day for a pick me up and chill! Also note the toilets, they’re good fun!

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