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Three Days in Jersey

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

What do you associate with Jersey? Jersey Royals? Jersey Potatoes? Well, add weekend break on to whatever’s already on your list, because I recently had the pleasure of checking out this little island and it was a fantastic short weekend break.

In short, it’s absolutely beautiful scenery, relaxed and friendly people, great seafood, good value for money (on food, drink and accommodation), SUPER easy to get to, and has plenty of things to keep you guys busy!

Read on for a full itinerary that will give you three to four days on this island, and still leave plenty of time for you to relax, kick back, and enjoy the sunshine on this awesome island!

Trip Logistics:

3 to 4 days in Jersey, staying in St Helier and using public transport to get around. A car would definitely be useful on Jersey but isn’t necessary, the bus system is extensive and pretty much bang on time all day long. The first day is a bit of a packed day but as some of the buses only come hourly, it makes sense to just do the attractions on the way to/from each place. If of course you have a car, then you can be far more relaxed about this schedule

Food wise we had some great food in St Helier, but I’ll only list particular options below if it’s convenient or if they were stand out! There’s a HUGE amount of choice so I’ll do a round up at the end of places we tried or were recommended to help guide you.

Bus Times: It’s well worth double checking bus times throughout the day so you know when they’re coming. If you miss one you’ll have to wait about 1 hour for the next, which can be a bit of a pain when you’re keen to get around and see the island! I’ve provided indicative times, but the weekend timetable is different to weekday! Please use the Jersey bus site for assistance: Link

Day 1 (Friday)

8 AM – Fly to Jersey airport (1 hour only from London!)

9 AM – Arrive and get a bus/taxi to your hotel

9.30 AM – Dump bags at hotel. I would recommend leaving your bags at the left luggage opposite the station (Zebra Car Hire) so you don’t go back and forth, but you’ll need to pick any bags up by closing time and this day’s schedule gets you back to St Helier for 6pm or so. Only a few pound per bag for the day, so well worth it though if you prefer to move things around! May be worth asking the man if he’ll be open late etc!

10.15/10.18 – Get a bus to the Jersey War Tunnels from Liberation Station. We’d recommend stopping by Bean Around the World for a coffee/snack along the way! There are also 2 options for the bus, there’s the standard bus which you may have a 3 day bus pass for, or there’s a specific tour bus for the War Tunnels that’s in an old school truck, and is narrated along the way to get you in the mindset for the tunnels!

10.30 – Jersey War Tunnels. 1.5 hours is plenty to see the tunnels in my opinion, but if you miss the 11.58, grab lunch and a drink in the café by the War Tunnels as it’s pretty good there!

11.58 – There’s a bus from the War Tunnels to La Mare Vineyards.

12.45 – Estate Tour (£9 per person including tasters). Lunch/snack at the café with a bottle of their cider either before/after the tour depending on how hungry you are! The cream tea is recommended as well. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour. There’s also a pub right next to the next interest point, 15 minute walk away

2.30 – Walk down the road to The Devil’s Hole

2.45 – Check out The Devil’s Hole

5.12 – Bus back to St Helier (7 bus)

Chill time until dinner! There’s plenty of options in St Helier and Jersey, so I won’t say specifically where you should go – instead check out this article for some ideas on Jersey food, and drink locations!

La Mare Wine Estate - Vineyards

Day 2

8am Breakfast at wherever – something hearty!

Beat the crowds, get the 9am bus or so to Corbiere Light House. NB tours to go into the actual lighthouse can be booked on certain days if you get in touch with Sue Lighthouse on her FB in advance.

10am Hike to Portelet using this route (NB the route at the begining goes behind the hotel - you'll know what I mean if you go!)

12ish Lunch at Jersey Crab Shack – book a table!

1.15 Complete rest of hike and finish at Portelet Inn – well deserved drink!

3.15 Head back and chill (Why not check out a gallery, or the Central Market in St Helier’s, or relax with a seafront view and a drink?)

7pm Drinks at Project 52 – a great little cocktail bar hidden down an alley. Look for the door buzzer!

8.30pm Dinner at: take your pick from our list!

The beaut botanical gardens at Samares Manor

Day 3

9 - Breakfast and leave your luggage at the Zebra Car Hire for the day

10 – Grab a bus down to the Botanical Gardens at Samares Manor and get straight into it, as the buses only come every hour! We didn’t explore the Manor and only the gardens, but was a great little walk through the gardens before getting the same bus from where it dropped us off and onwards to Mont d’Argueil!

12 Lunch/Picnic – We had a great lunch at Seascale in the sun when we went, but there’s plenty of good restaurants in the area including a fab looking deli that you could get picnic snacks from The Works Cafe

1.30 Mont d’Argueil – an old castle set on the hill affording great views of the bay, a bit of history, and some fun to be had exploring the various corridors.

3.30 – Any number of buses here will take you to St Helier on a regular basis, just grab whichever one you want.

Fly home around 5/6pm – only need to get to airport about 1 hour before your flight. Very fast to get through – and a few shops to pick up all the Jersey goods you could want including locally brewed alcohol, black butter, and Jersey baked goods!

Bonus 4th Day/Alternatives

For those of you lucky enough to stay an extra day, we’d recommend considering the below extras:

Elizabeth Castle – Huge castle near St Helier that you can walk along the causeway to. It’s got a great WWII history, though we preferred Mont d’Argueil over Elizabeth. If you can’t be bothered to walk/tide is high, there’s a boat/ferry/car that goes between the two regularly and is cheap to get on.

Museum/Gallery – We didn’t get a chance to visit any, but Jersey has a fantastic history, and if the War Tunnels weren’t enough there’s plenty more to get stuck into.

St Aubin market runs on Sundays – worth checking for some locally made goods!

Jersey Zoo – again, didn’t go to this but seemed like a good option as well.

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