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Recipe: Balsamic Blueberry Cheese Toasties

This is a message to all the toastie addicts out there: It's ok, you, are, not, alone.  Facing your addiction is the most important step you can take. There's just something about slapping two pieces of bread together, adding cheese (absolutely mandatory) and biting into it when it's still hot and gooey. 

What's NOT cool is having the bloody faff of having to either turn the oven on, heat the frying pan, getting your machine or George Foreman out, and then dealing with the mess. 

But now some anonymous saviour at Warburton's has gone and solved practically all of our problems with their new product: the Toastie Pocket. 

With only a standard toaster needed to grill these bad boys, the guys at Warburtons have asked me to put together a recipe for you all to show off just how easy it is. 

So stick with me on this, but the recipe I'm going for is a balsamic blueberry cheese toastie. Sounds weird, I know, but honestly, it is incredible. Savoury blueberries aren't that unusual either, as it frequently makes appearances in either sauces for meat, or even in pasta in certain parts of Italy (well worth trying if you ever come across it). 

The pockets themselves are sort of like a square pitta bread - with a pre-sliced hole in there for you to just put your fillings in. Pretty simple in reality but it just makes life a hell of a lot more easier and cleaner! 

Note: The recipe below might not work for you in terms of portion size mix, that's no problem. Just save it for another toastie pocket! I'm also a big fan of more balsamic but I've toned it down here. Keep the 60/40 ratio on soft melty cheese to hard cheese and you'll be onto a winner! 

Recipe: (Fills 2 toastie pockets) 

  • 125g Blueberries 

  • 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar (around 50ml) 

  • Grated mozzarella cheese, around 35g 

  • Cheddar/comte/gruyere (a hard cheese) - 25g 

  • Handful of rocket leaves

  1. Pour the blueberries into a pan on medium heat and let them soften for 3-4 minutes 

  2. Pour in the balsamic after this point, crush lightly and let the mixture reduce slightly until thick for a further 3/4 minutes 

  3. Mix the cheese and rocket leaves and fill the toastie pocket

  4. Try not to overfill the pocket as you'll risk splitting it! 

  5. Toast at medium for the set time, and cool slightly before carefully spooning in some of the balsamic blueberries, and digging in! 

I have of course ironically made things slightly more difficult by making it so that you have to cook something for this, but there's no point giving you guys a recipe for a cheese and pickle toastie right? Which by the way, is also delicious in these toastie pockets. 

Disclaimer: While this is a paid collaboration with Warburtons, my views, recipe and pictures are purely my own.

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