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Back on my gap yah - I went travelling across the USA with 3 of my mates in a car, going from LA all the way to New York along part of Route 66 then the deep south of America

It. Was. Awesome. 

I blogged about it way back then on my old platform, and am now in the process of moving posts over - warts and all. Partly for posterity, partly for amusement to see how I've changed, and partly because it's the only written record I have of my time there. 

There are 10 posts from this road trip made back in 2014 listed below, not including a cheeky trip from when I went to Vegas. 


  1. Los Angeles: Kale and Beaches

  2. LA Brunch and Route 66

  3. Breaking Bad to Carlsbad (And Aliens)

  4. There's a Snake in my Boot! 

  5. Texas - BBQ, Waterparks, Barn Dances and Guns 

  6. Austin - Good Food and Good Music 

  7. Bourbon on Bourbon St and Fried Chicken 

  8. Masons, Jack Daniels and Country Music

  9. Winding up at Washington

  10. In West Philadelphia 

  11. New York, New York 


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